By Vahan Kristosturyan

Application Description

MyCar® application will give users the ability to store and view data about their cars. This data includes car name, make, model and year. It will also encompass the average miles per gallon (MPG). Users will be able to add their car information and periodically add calculated MPG that they use. With this data, the average MPG will be calculated for each car. The application will give the user the oppotunity to see MPG data in a plotted graph. This feature helps users to see, over a long period of time, how their car is managing gas. This application will also give the users the ability to take a picture of the car. This can be from the Iphone camera or a previous saved image in the phone library.

  • Core Foundation
  • Core Graphics
  • Core Quartz
  • UI Kit

Third Party Libraries Used


Title Screen

Title Screen

Car Information

Car Information

Graphical Representation of MPG

Graphical Representation of MPG

Listing Cars

Listing Cars


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