Lights Out Cube

Lights Out Cube

By David Derrenberger

Application Description

In Lights out Cube, you can relive the joy of your youth, by pressing buttons, and watching pretty lights blink on and off. But, that’s not all. The concept of the game (if you get bored of turning lights on and off)is really simple. You’re looking at a cube, and faced with the ever important task of turning all the lights out. There is a catch: If you press a button all the lights around it (and itself) invert. This includes the lights around the corners. Hours of painstaking thought are at your finger tips.

If you like to design levels, the 2^64th possible games will leave you working for hours, trying to find the best way to stump your friends.


  • Low scores persist between sessions.
  • As do custom games.
  • Comes preloaded with games for immediate enjoyment.
  • Point and click level building can be very quick.

Apple Frameworks Used

  • None, beyond basic API


Select Game

Select Game

Game Screen

Game Screen


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