J & M Cookbook

J & M Cookbook

By Matt Song & Jon Merkle

Application Description

Sick of cookbook applications that are less interactive than real cookbooks? Ever wanted to have your favorite recipes on the go to show to friends and family?

Now you can!

The J & M Cookbook allows users to create and modify their own personal cookbook, complete with ingredient lists and step-by-step instructions. Its unique no-touch interface prevents the dirtying or contamination of the iPhone by allowing users to navigate their recipe by tapping to the left or right of the device, provided that it is resting on a solid surface.

Features include:

  • Add, edit, and delete from your own recipe database
  • Freely customize ingredients: create your own measurements
  • Freely customize steps: create your own steps
  • No-touch interface provided for step-by-step instructions

Apple Frameworks Used

  • Core Foundation
  • Core Graphics
  • UI Kit




Displaying Cake

Displaying Cake

Editing Cake

Editing Cake


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