iPhone Sumo

iPhone Sumo

By Steven Vittitoe

Application Description

iPhone Sumo is a two player game that simulates a sumo wrestling match. When you start the game, both players are presented with a set of circles. After each player places his or her finger in the circle the match will begin. There is only one rule in iPhone Sumo — the first person to force from their opponent from their circle wins! Dirty tricks and nefarious deeds are allowed and encouraged.

Please be aware that iPhone Sumo can be a very physical game. Bodily harm or damage to your iPhone or other physical posession are not the fault of the author.

Apple Frameworks Used

  • Core Foundation
  • UIKit
  • Core Graphics
  • Audio Toolbox
  • Quartz Core


Title Screen

Title Screen

Gameplay Screen

Gameplay Screen

Settings Screen

Settings Screen


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