By Alexander Pole & Nathanael Ulfers

Welcome to Adventurer, a game bringing classic RPG gameplay to the convenient, easy yet powerful touch interface of the iPhone. Embark on a quest for power and riches, one monster at a time, from the dangers lurking in the wilderness to underground caverns, and finally the elemental planes. Build up your character with items and skills, combining effects for more powerful strategies.

Expect no dice-rolling and no under-the-covers number-crunching–rather, your own skill will keep you safe. As your character grows stronger, you’ll be given more opportunities to attack and forced to defend yourself against fewer. As each attack block appears, quickly touch it to damage your opponent or defend yourself. Equip items and earn skills to gain more attacks and ease the burden of careful timing.


  • 20 enemy types in four, progressively more difficult areas.
  • 73 equippable items.
  • Fast-paced, simple yet challenging combat. Finish your enemy in seconds, or see if you can avoid every attack.

Apple Frameworks Used

  • Core Foundation
  • Core Graphics
  • UI Kit


Main Screen

Main Screen

Combat Screen

Combat Screen


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