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With all the bustle associated with the last week of classes, I didn’t get around to mentioning this until now. I wanted to point out that Apple recently made their iPhone Developer News and Announcements site available via RSS. This site contains information on a wide range of topics including tips on submitting apps to the App Store, current turnaround time for app review, program updates, development and testing techniques, and much more.

You can subscribe to the RSS feed at:


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Sudoku Image Processing

The iPhone application I mentioned during the camera lecture is called Sudoku Grab. Specifically, the post I was talking about that discusses how they go from an image off the camera to a representation they can build a native UI from is detailed at:


It discusses in quite some detail their image processing techniques. I think it’s a pretty interesting read.

Don’t Fear the Interface Builder

I thought I’d take a moment to point out a good article posted today titled Don’t Fear the Interface Builder by Jeff LaMarche (co-author of Beginning iPhone Development). I also thought it was timely given our recent discussion of NSCoding.

It’s worth the minute or two read: Don’t Fear the Interface Builder.

Xcode Cheatsheet

Given that many of your are just starting to learn Xcode, I thought I’d take a moment to share Mike Clark‘s great free Xcode shortcuts cheatsheet. This cheatsheet covers many “essentials” that I use regularly and may be worthwhile to bookmark or print out while you’re getting up to speed with Xcode.

Xcode Shortcuts

Xcode Shortcuts

Mike also sells a couple of Xcode screencasts through The Pragmatic Bookshelf if interested.