Final Project — Presentation & Demonstration

Due Date (for Slide Submission)

Wednesday, December 16th — 11:59pm


Final project presentations and live demonstrations will occur during the time allotted for the final exam (Thursday, December 17th 6–8pm). Each group will be scheduled a 4 minute chunk of time for their presentation and demonstration. This 4 minute time limit will be strictly enforced. The specific order of presenters will be determined next class.

Your presentation should consist of a minute or so of slides which present an introduction to your application, followed by an actual live demonstration of your app.

Your slides must be in PDF format and should contain the following content…

  • Title slide — consisting of app icon, app name and team member names
  • App Description slide — a one slide overview of your application
  • Frameworks and Libraries slide — a one slide that lists frameworks or libraries used by the app and mentions what they were used for
  • Backup Demo Slides — in the event that something fails during your live demo, you should have screen captures that are capable of being used as backup

Your demonstration should highlight the key features of your application. You are strongly encouraged to rehearse your demonstration ahead of time.

Demo Information

I will be building and installing all apps into the iPhone Simulator on my laptop for the demonstration. To ensure a smooth demo, I recommend the following…

  • When testing your app, I would strongly suggest that you remove your app from the simulator and try a fresh install before submitting to avoid any issues caused by (lack of) residual artifacts.
  • Perform a dry run on the demo hardware — I will be holding special office hours Tuesday, December 15th 5:30–7:00pm where you can stop by and do a dry run on the actual machine that will be used for the demos.

If your app requires features that are not supported on the simulator (such as camera, accelerometer, etc.) email me as soon as possible so we can make the necessary accommodations.


To submit your slides, open up a terminal, navigate to the directory containing your slides then issue the command:

submit cs491i final-slides slides.pdf

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