Final Project — Mock App Store Submission

Due Date

Tuesday, December 15th — 11:59pm


If you were publishing an application on the App Store, you would need to provide information about your app for submission. To simulate that experience, you will prepare a “mock App Store” submission.

For this write up I’ve provided a zip file which you must use as a template for writing up the details of your app. This zipfile includes an HTML file that when viewed in a web browser displays a page similar to that on the App Store.

Specifically you must edit the following in index.html:

  • Copy your app’s icon (a 57x57px PNG file) into the directory and update the app icon’s image tag to show your icon. Note, you needn’t try to apply Apple’s rounding, beveling, or highlighting — I have a script that will generate the rounded version as seen in the simulator, including honoring the “Icon already includes gloss and bevel effects” flag.
  • Update the HTML to include your app’s name.
  • Update the HTML to include your name(s).
  • Update the Apple Frameworks Used list to include all frameworks imported by your app.
  • Update the Third Party Libraries Used list to include all libraries used by your app. If you aren’t using any third party libraries or classes, you may remove this section.
  • Replace the sample description text with your own app’s description. Do not use any special HTML or emoji within the paragraphs. If your app requires features found on certain devices (i.e. a camera) state so in the description. Do not include testimonials or reviews like you may see in some descriptions.
  • Include up to 5 screenshots (must be 320x480px or 480x320px PNGs) and captions from your app.

All “Mock App Store” submissions will be aggregated and posted on the course blog prior to the final presentations.

To get a feel for the content provided in app descriptions, I encourage you to take a look at apps that are on the store. Some of the more popular apps that I feel have pretty good descriptions are included below:


Once you’ve made the changes to the provided HTML file and swapped out the sample icon and images with your own package it up by zipping up the entire directory.

To submit your mock app store submission, open up a terminal, navigate to your zip file then issue the command:

submit cs491i final-appstore

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