Final Project — Initial Presentation

Due Date

Slides must be submitted electronically by: Monday, October 26th — 11:59pm
Presentations will occur in-class on: Tuesday, October 27th and Thursday, October 29th (as needed)


You will be presenting an in-class overview of your application proposal. This presentation serves several purposes:

  • As part of developing software, you are frequently required to develop and express your ideas for building out new components. This exercise is designed to give you some experience presenting your ideas to a group of of your peers.
  • Several proposals had a good bit in common — this allows you to learn what other people are working on and gives you an opportunity to team up to work on the final project if you wish.
  • This presentation will give you the opportunity to express areas of concern (i.e. not sure how I’d do something) and solicit feedback.
  • It will allow others to ask (brief) questions of the presenter which may expose something that you haven’t thought about, etc.
  • Provides a venue to start to think about and formalize aspects of your project that you will need to document as part of your final (formal) written proposal.


You should prepare some slides for use in your presentation. Specifically, I’m looking for the following…

  • Title slide — name of app & group members
  • Overview slide — a couple of bullets which summarize what your app does
  • Mock-up slides — you should put together some basic mock-ups which show what you are envisioning in terms of a UI. You should have 2 or more mock-ups (but no more than 4).
  • Thoughts slide — this is a catch-all for noting significant APIs, data sources, issues, questions, etc.
  • Questions & Comments — signals the end of your presentation and opens things up for brief Q&A.


You should aim for keeping your presentation around the 3 minute mark — if you grossly exceed this time limit, you’ll be cut off. You should practice your presentation ahead of time to work out kinks and make sure you have adequate time.

You should start your presentation by first introducing yourself (and team members), move onto your material and end with the opportunity for people to ask (very brief) questions.

The order of presenters will be determined in Thursday night’s class and emailed out after class.


Below is an example presentation, again based off of the stocks app that was shown as an example in the initial written proposal.

Sample Slides

Sample Slides

Mock-Up Advice

There are varying techniques for mocking-up or wire-framing user interfaces. I’ve tried to give you some different approaches in the provided example slides. Some of the more common approaches I’ve run into include…

  • Sketching it by hand
  • Using an image editing program to compose a UI from a bunch of images representing different widgets
  • Designing using something presentation software (i.e. PowerPoint, Open Office Impress, Keynote, etc.)
  • Building the actual GUI with canned data — this might be easier than you think, especially given the how powerful Interface Builder is)

Some stencils you might find useful for designing iPhone user interfaces…

Sketching related items you might find useful…


Your slides must be submitted as a PDF document. Both Macs and Linux have supported exporting/printing to PDFs for some time. If writing your proposal in MS Windows there are a couple of free PDF generation options including: Save as PDF Plugin for MS Office or PDFCreator (a PDF print driver for MS Windows).

If you are working with a partner, only one of you should submit the slides.

Submit using the command:

submit cs491i initialpresentation slides.pdf

If authoring on your own machine, you’ll need to transfer the file into your GL account (via SCP) and then SSH into GL and issue the submit command.


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