On-Device Development

On-Device Development


In order to install and run your own apps on your iPhone or iPod touch a couple of things need to happen — namely both you and your device must be added to the university program.

In order for you to sign applications you must obtain a digital certificate. This process is roughly as follows…

  1. You must be sent an invite from the University Program admin (your instructor)
  2. Once you receive your invite, you must generate a certificate signing request though the Keychain Access app in OS X
  3. Once generated, you must submit this certificate request to the program portal for approval by the University Program admin (your instructor)
  4. Once approved, you must download and install your signing certificate

In order to install your signed app to an iPhone or iPod touch, it must be added to a provisioning profile which identifies who can publish to what devices. This process is roughly as follows…

  1. Your device’s Unique Device Identifier (UDID) must be added to the course’s provisioning profile
  2. Your approved developer certificate must be added to the course’s provisioning profile
  3. Once your certificate and device have been added to the provisioning profile, you may download and install the it into Xcode

Once you’ve installed your certificate and provisioning profile, you can build and publish applications to your iPhone or iPod touch.

Requesting an Invite

If you would like to do on-device development on your iPhone or iPod touch, you must send me an email with the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address — see Email Address Considerations below
  • myUMBC username
  • The UDID of the device you wish to use — see Finding your Unique Device Identifier (UDID) below

When I get your request I’ll send you an invite. Once you get this invite, you’ll be able to log into the portal and submit your certificate signing request.

Once you submit your certificate signing request to the portal I’ll be automatically notified. When I get this notification, I’ll add your device to the list and approve your certificate request. You will automatically get an email once the approval happens. You will then be able to log back into the portal and download your certificate and the provisioning profile.

Email Address Considerations

I’d strongly recommend that you use your UMBC email address and not a personal email address. If you think that you’ll ever want to sign up as a regular developer and submit apps to the store, I’d recommend that you keep that separate and re-enroll to the Apple Developer Connection with a UMBC specific identity.

Finding your Unique Device Identifier (UDID)

To find out your device’s UDID, simply connect your device to your Mac and then open Xcode (if you connect while Xcode is open, it may not see the device). In Xcode, select “Organizer” from the “Window” menu option. Once the window opens, select your device under the DEVICES category on the sidebar. The 40 character string in the Identifier field is your device’s UDID. I strongly recommend that you copy and paste this into your email.

Locating Your UDID

Locating Your UDID

A Note About Keys

If you are going to do on-device development in the labs, you must export your private key and certificate and save it to your AFS home directory before logging out and re-import it when logging back in. If you do not save it and log off your private key used for signing will be lost and cannot be recovered!

Whether you are working in the labs or not, I strongly recommend that you export your keys and certificate and save them to some other media (such as within your home directory on AFS or a thumb drive).


The development provisioning profile is currently valid through December 24th 2009.

Unfortunately, due to legal issues it appears that we will be unable to issue distribution profiles, so once the development provisioning profile expires your apps will cease to launch. If you wish to distribute an app beyond the scope and duration of this class, you’ll need to register as a paid developer.

More Information

For more information see the following:


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